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News from Junior E5


​This term we are investigating fairy tales and have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Our classroom is slowly being transformed into a deep, dark forest with a family of wandering bears and a little blonde haired girl. We have started to construct the bear's cottage in order to role play the story at the end of the term.

We have also been very busy investigating change. We have been conducting simple experiments, such as 'The Amazing Balloon Trick' (adding bicarbonate of soda to vinegar to inflate a balloon) and 'Blue Celery' (putting celery into coloured water). We have made predictions and then tested our theories.

The whole class especially enjoyed blowing up balloons and then letting them go, however, everyone jumped when a balloon popped. We discovered that once a balloon has burst, it can't be blown back up.

We have been using technology to assist us in cooking. We have used blenders, electric mixers and a popcorn maker. Two students have used a jellybean switch and power link to turn the equipment on and off.